Loui Jover

…Loui Jover is an artist that enjoys making ink drawings on adhered together sheets of vintage book paper, the hand drawn/painted ink lines against the printed words of the book pages offer a peculiar marriage between the illustration and  the words… the words seem to give the images a kind of ‘meaning’ and back story, even though they are unconnected, because Loui never picks the image for the pages or visa-versa they just collide as chance allows, any meaning they may have is purely created by the observer and their own imagination… I think Jovers work is awesome and proves that an artist can literally use anything as media to create.. no excuses now.. get creative with whats around you! *Inspired!

~Michelle Wanyee~



My website final…

OK… so my website is up and running, its complete, but id like to refine it a little more so as to define it according to my stretched out vision… with that having been said, i think i’ve laid down a good foundation, or start point…. The skeletal part is fully complete… any other additions and improvements that will follow through in the near future shall be contingent upon this base, which i am happy with….



Journey towards clarity and sojourn in the land of complexities

…. I packed my enthusiasm, determination and optimism, all waaaay too much to fit in my life bag , so… i did what any real time heavy packer would do, stuffed all that in the bag, sat on it and zipped it up… ok, i was all set for my website design journey.. I mean I already purchased my “plain-sailing,no sweat-no-problem” ticket… right? only to sadly discover i missed the knowledge train like 3 classes ago… struggling a little to get back on track, but im trying and still determined. taking a little more time to research, get extra help and understand the coding, whilst delving into elements of the dreamweaver program.


Wesbite concept sketches

Here are my Portfolio website concepts, I have a general idea of how i want it to look based on my inspiration montage paired with my gusto and stick-to-it-ness.. hoping to achieve what i imagine it will eventually look like…. Loving the landing page, intro page idea…


Website inspiration

…Its always been my aesthetic to have clean minimal work with bold elements and pops of color here and there.. since as long as i can remember…. heavy pronounced crayola scrawls on mum’s white walls, bold marker scribbles on dad’s bills and files… (he didn’t need them anyway)…I spent most of my tender age years as the child who scribbled on white walls, as the “little one” who couldn’t be trusted near anything white, let alone really wear anything white. The color white became my favorite, because it was restricted/forbidden to me…I mean who doesn’t want to eat the cake in the fridge after strict instructions not to? anywaaaay…. white backgrounds and clean spaces, bold colored pictures here are some images that inspire my vision for my own website….

webpage layout

Paris vs New York

I found THE coolest book ever, Paris vs New York is a little simple icon book that compares the two big cities, using humor and simple vector illustrations…. I have a photoshop fixation that i must over come, I realize that I have to utilize illustrator more so as to accomplish certain artistic goals as well as have it under my skill belt… having a traditional artists background should serve as a stepping stone for embracing illustrator. this book has inspired me to click on the adobe illustrator icon and proceed forward… yaaay!


Website layout

Keeping my head above the water so far, cant wait to build my own site, hash-tag Bring It On! this is a mapping out structure of how i envision it…. its really quite simple actually… utilizing linear back and forth navigation via a top nav bar. Im going for a minimalistic straight to the point crisp and clean portfolio website.