Is there an app for that?

…In this day and age there seems to be an app for everything… Dont search for the “lo-and-behold” moments you graphic designer/Art lover…(Ive got you!) I found some apps that are structured specifically for graphic designers. soo… with a touch of the download button, these apps could be available to you on your phone! Lets get Creative and inspired to generate great design!

1. Phoster This app makes it incredibly easy to make great looking posters very quickly. Phoster is a great tool. Need to promote an event that is happening tomorrow night while away from your computer? Grab your iPad (or any iOS device) and in 5-10 minutes you could have a great looking poster ready to share.

2. WhatTheFontAll you have to do is take a picture of the font you want to identify, draw a box around the words, check to make sure the app got everything right, and that’s it! The app checks it against the MyFontsdatabase and gives you a list of the possible matches. Apparently it’s very accurate!

3. ColorSchemer  This is a very useful app…It’s full ofgreat pre-made color palettes, and it has great tools for making your own.Once you make a palette, it gives you hex and RGB color codes.

4. Design Tools Design tools is a clean and useful reference app for designers. It is full of great stuff. Need to know the size of an A4 sheet of paper for your new project? Just open up Design Tools and everything you need is in your hands!

Start downloading people!!



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