Final Project Proposal

…During the summer I was given the opportunity to design album art for a CD, I would like to re-visit this unfinished project and create a CD- Booklet. I think that booklets are useful tools in conveying published information. When properly designed they are less likely to bore the reader, and since their content is shorter the designer should strive to capture and hold the viewers attention…This final project explores the use of color type and images and their relationship when used together to form a co-hesive piece. I am excited about this project and feel that it would be a great addition to my growing portfolio. Listening to lots of music and looking at different design solutions and approaches to CD booklets. I am fixated upon the theme of evolving or developing a design strategy that leads into another progressive concept (a gradient of thoughts and ideas) one page leading into the next and having a strong connection to the page before in a different way…. i want to do this unorthodoxly….(in my own way) weather it means using the art of scanning, or bringing in elements of traditional art and digitalizing it all… Brainstorming and sketching…

~Michelle Wanyee~



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