Neat Websites Vs Pretty Bad websites

Neat website

I found a Pretty neat website of a french Music artist, I think the website is successful due to a number of reasons, First and foremost it fulfills its soul purpose, ie. album and artist promotion, the landing page shows an illustrative portrait of vanessa paradis herself as her music plays while a potential visitor embarks on a website tour, the navigation is pretty simple and easy to follow as the mapping is linear and pretty straight forward. the bright pops of colors helps color code the website and keep things in straight order.Image


Pretty bad website.

Found an old artist portfolio website. this website qualifies as one of the worlds worst websites for a few reasons if not a million. the tiled background is too much, the blinking lights are distracting and though it attempts to have linear navigation alot of the links do not work or are still under construction the artistic sensibilities are not seen here at all, it is not a very engaging page.



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